As a registered charity, we are run solely by volunteers and friends of the club. Without these, the club would not function. We do not have any paid adults/coaches in the club. Like many clubs, we have just parents who volunteer. So, the club relies on new volunteers as others move on. If anyone is interested in helping us, we are always interested. There are a lot of non-coaching roles that we need support with. We are proud to have people still involved in the club who's children left many years ago but still love the club. With over 250 players across our age groups, we couldn't do this without the help and support of our parents and wider family group. We are always looking for new members to joing the CAFC family.  

Do you have a couple of hours that you can spare to help the club? 


We need a couple of people to help out at a club level. The roles aren’t onerous (they shouldn’t take too much time) but they are crucial. Not wanting to be too dramatic but without further help, we could be putting the safety of our players, spectators and coaches at risk.

Assistant Welfare Officer

The FA have recently stated that we have to appoint this role. Someone who will keep abreast of the guidance (FA & government), keep the club (players, coaches and volunteers) informed and ensure that we provide a safe environment for football. The role will also be the point of contact for any corona related queries.

If you’re interested, please email

Tracy Sinclair - tracy.sinclair@cheshamathletic.co.uk